To really begin to see what makes Pain Checker such a great product, look no further than our wonderful customers!

Pain Checker Product Testimonials

Dealing with the symptoms of conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel, such as joint pain and swelling, can be difficult. A proper compression garment or brace can help you get back to performing everyday tasks, pain-free. But don't take our word for it--just listen to our customers!

Here’s what our customers have to say about our products:
Roberta D, Atlantic Beach, NT
"Since I used these products for the past nine months which such good results, I no longer require the product for these problems. (body wrap, socks, gloves... arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome)"
Cindy, Pittsburgh, PA
"I use the pain checker back band almost every day. I have degenerating disc disease in the lower back. Until I have an operation, I have extreme lower back pain. When I put the checker on, it relieves the pain a good deal. The only problem I have with it is at mealtime. I seem to not be able to eat much with it on. So I take if off before eating and for a while afterward."
Jerry, New Jersey
"Very pleased with the socks. Feels great and has reduced my foot pain. Seems to live up to what Pain Checker advertised."
Walking Girl, Naples Fl
"The Everyday Sensitivity Socks: Really helps my feet wearing them all day"
"I have the gloves and knee sleeves and they really do help with arthritis pain. The gloves are also long enough to cover my wrists and that helps them as well. I would recommend this product to you if you would like an alternative to medication for managing arthritis pain."
Wanda C. Dothan, AL
"Purchased the Belt or Body Wrap for my sister's birthday. She suffers from severe chronic back pain and will be in pain management for the rest of her life. Even on high doses of medication she still is very uncomfortable. She calls the belt her Miracle Belt. As long as she is wearing it she now sleeps thru the night, she can walk and shop without pain, and she can bend over, something she could not do before without extreme pain. She is no longer so stiff in her movements. Thank you so much for this Invention."
Lucy, Corpus Christi, TX
"I have tried everything for back pain and very little has worked at all. The really heavy-duty back supports work somewhat but are bulky and hot. This product is very lightweight and can be worn under most clothes, but best of all, it really works! It doesn't look like it would, but it does."
"While I don't understand the technology behind this product - it really seems to work. Relieved my pain. This is certainly a healthier option than muscle relaxants, painkillers, etc."
Sandy G, Manchester, NJ
"Relief was not immediate, but after 2 weeks my neck pain was gone and movement improved. The glove helped tremendously and the pain is not intermittent (glove and fabric... arthritis)"
Angela F, North Haledon, NJ
"Alleviated pain and enabled me to sleep without waking from discomfort (glove... broken hand)"
Howard M, Fort Lee, NJ
"Within minutes the pain subsides. I wear it every day. If I don't the pain returns. (knee pad... torn cartilage)"
Joanne C, Lincolnton, NC
"Relief from tingling in fingers and reduction of numbness in hand (glove... carpal tunnel syndrome)"
Dorothy K, Lincolnton, NC
"It felt real warm (knee pad and cloth... knee and leg pain... arthritis)"
Priscilla A, Greer, SC
"I have a cyst in my wrist which just recently became painful. When I wrap my wrist in a bandage I put a strip of fabric under the bandage. The pain stops anywhere the material touches. Also, my back feels warm when I wear my shirt. (shirt and fabric... migraines, ganglion cyst, backaches)"
Steve K, Danbury, CT
"It helped remove the sharp pain in my ribs/back. When I removed the pad the pain was more acute. (body wrap.. cracked ribs)"
Bean, Oshkosh, WI
"The gloves felt odd the first time I put them on. I wasn't sure I was going to like them. They looked really small. After wearing them a few hours they felt great. I wear them all the time even to bed. I can even wear them over my wedding rings and the material doesn't tear."
"They go on & off quite easily..."
Bill M
"I've had them about a week now and my hands and feet are wonderful in the morning... The pain and stiffness are all but gone..."
Sharon, Maryland
"I hope to order the gloves, back band, knee & elbow brace in the future. I live in chronic pain, and this really seems to help. I thought maybe it was psychological until everyone else started asking me for more of them. Don't give up on your product"